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Diagram showing the overlap of management systems, leaders and culture.HPL offers a number of client services to assist organizations to build and align their leaders and management systems and structures, while creating and sustaining a whole person focused culture based on respect and trust.


When these three elements are working together effectively, the result is a sustained level of high performance and continuous improvement.








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Keynote Speakers

Enhance your team events with a keynote address from an HPL advisor bringing unique skill sets, topics, and experiences to your team


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One-on-One Executive Coaching

Coaching from industry experienced leaders assisting in leadership development to overcome challenges and build self-confidence in order to achieve potential

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On-Site Support

Go, see, engage, and improve via on site coaching and support from an experienced HPL advisor






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Cultural Assessment

Assessment of an organization's alignment of culture, management systems, leader impact, and skill requirements utilizing the Organizational Systems Thinking ™ tool


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Strategic Planning & Goal Deployment

Support organizations with the methodology and tools to complete strategic planning and aligned goal deployment


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Change Management

Lead organizations through the planning, execution, and institutionalization phases of organizational change





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Value Stream Mapping

Helping clients improve the delivery of the 4 Primary Values a customer expects by clarifying the current and future states of the process in need of change, developing an action plan to make the needed change, testing the plan, revising it, and putting it into action



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Cultural Transformation

Using a 4 phase approach, support organizations to transform their organizational culture to one that embraces high performance through Responsible Engaged Employees (REEs) and sustain it over the long term




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Organizational Systems Thinking & Diagnostic

Create alignment among your organizational systems (management, production, human) and provide a focus on delivering exceptional value to existing customers and on creating new customers







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Icon of shacking hands.One-On-One Executive Coaching


Two people shaking hands over a desk Working with an executive coach with over 30 years of business experience can really help you progress and accelerate your career. A coach can offer invaluable insights into the workings of the business world and provide guidance on navigating complex organizational dynamics. They can also help you identify and develop your strengths, and work with you to create a plan for achieving your goals.


Additionally, your coach can offer some fresh perspectives on your business and personal challenges, and help you identify blind spots that may be holding you back. They can also provide accountability and support to help you stay focused and motivated.


Overall, working with an executive coach can help you accelerate your career growth, enhance your leadership skills, and achieve greater success in your professional life and help you create a balance with your personal life too.


Meet Our Coaches

Scott Smith


Scott Smith

"Working with hundreds of organizations over the last 30 years, I have seen a lot of 'stuff', some great and some not so great. Every day, I learn from both and use what I learn to improve the thinking that our consortium members and organizations we serve use to compete and win.


My passion to make work a place where people grow and find meaning started at an early age. My father was employed as a labourer at a furniture factory. He experienced a work life that people should not have to endure. The 'leaders' (a title I now understand you need to earn) of the company abused the workers. His workplace was unsafe both physically and mentally. He was a very smart man and had a lot to offer the company, but he was never given the opportunity to contribute and learn. After a time working for the company, he was left physically broken and unable to work or support his family.


Unfortunately, this management approach is still used extensively in organizations today and is leaving scars, both inside and outside, on many people. It is my mission to make the organizations I work with a better place for everyone. Through the work we do, we will achieve this.




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Glenn Sommerville


Glenn Sommerville During my 10 years as a General Manager at Toyota, I learned hands on how to 'do' and lead through the Toyota Way and the Toyota Production System (TPS). I learned the importance of and how to align leaders, management systems, and culture to achieve long term high performance. It's not a business initiative at all, or shouldn't be, but rather a way of leading. Leading the launch of the first Lexus plant outside of Japan, the development of the 'Lexus Mindset' was a massive undertaking to gain the confidence of the Lexus dealer network across North America and prepare the entire automotive plant of 3,500 team members to exceed the customers' expectations of perfection, with every vehicle. Reward came from the customers themselves as the plant received the JD Power Gold Plant Award for the highest initial quality of any vehicle in North & South America. We were all very proud of that recognition!


BlackBerry was a fun and rewarding experience in introducing continuous improvement from scratch across a large organization and in multiple engineering, support, and traditional manufacturing teams. I learned to persevere, focus on making a difference every day, and continue to coach and mentor leaders throughout the organization while empowering them to try new things, fail, and succeed.


Amazon was all about scale and growth. The speed and scope of the business at Amazon taught me how to lead at scale. Growing the operation x10 in 5 years across the country while expanding the workforce from a few hundred to over 7,500 employees, I had to learn new ways of leading, managing and organizing myself, my team and my organization to be successful. I found that my biggest contribution was not doing, but rather coaching and mentoring others. It was an extremely challenging, but fulfilling experience.


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Icon of checklist Cultural Assessment


Cycle of how values, behaviours and consistency all contribute to culture.

Peter Drucker said, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast".  What Drucker meant is that your organization's culture will always determine success regardless of your strategy.  In other words, no matter how good your strategy and the tactical implementation plans are, if the strategy goes against the organization's current culture or the people implementing the strategy don't buy into the culture or vision, the strategy will fail.


Organizational culture is one of the few things that just happens; whether you try to influence it or not.  Organizational culture has been in the making since the beginning of the organization.  It didn't happen overnight!  Unfortunately, that also means, it won't change overnight either!


Diagram showing that purpose, caring and results are connected At HPL, we believe that organizational culture starts with common values.  Those values are exhibited through behaviours which are demonstrated through actions.  The consistency, or inconsistency as the case may be, of those actions create the organizational culture.  Therefore, if the demonstrated behaviours are not aligned with the organizations values or are inconsistently demonstrated the result will be a less than desirable culture.


Utilizing an on-line cultural assessment tool based on 8 core cultural characteristics, HPL will survey a portion of your employees to gain insights as to how they interact with each other and how they respond to change within your organization.  Every organization has 3 dominant characteristics.  By understanding these, behaviour plans can be implemented to either strengthen the characteristics, or adjust to a new characteristic.  The assessment will provide insights on where the team and organization fit and where change plans may be required.





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Icon of graph trending towards target Strategic Planning and Goal DeploymentDiagram of different aspects of strategic planning.


Whether it's help creating your organization's vision, mission,and values or the development of your strategy and goals, HPL has a proven step-by-step process that gets results.  HPL's methodology and tools will lead your organization through a robust process creating alignment to and between your organization's top level vision, values, strategy, and the goals and tactics that are necessary to succeed and win.  Building on the organization's strengths while mitigating weaknesses and threats, HPL's process drives focus, prioritization, and detail at the planning level and provides the systems and structures to execute in a plan, do, check, and adjust (PDCA) approach.


HPL has lead and facilitated strategic planning & goal setting processes for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations of various sizes.  We can support the high level strategic development and/or the deployment of the action plans, including quarterly PDCA business reviews with the organization's leaders.









Icon of stairs moving upwards. Change Management


Arrows on a floor all facing the same direction which points at a 90 degrees from the others. As leaders within our organizations, we really are in the business of leading change!  Our businesses, environments, and essentially the world around us are in constant change.  The bottom line is, our organizations must also continually change in order to survive to thrive.


Ever wonder why some significant organizational changes are successful, while others fail miserably?  More often than not, it is due to the lack of change management process and planning.  Not having a clear vision as to why the change is necessary or stating the consequences if you don't change is often overlooked.  Typically, the most challenging part of change is the people side.  A side, far too often, that is not considered adequately enough when making change.  Failing to proactively seek out resistors of the change is another common failure mode, to name only  a few.  HPL's change management process accounts for these critical steps. CHANGE


HPL's change management process follows 8 structured key steps to lead you and your team through the planning, execution, and institutionalization phases of organizational change.  We'll provide training on important change management concepts while providing the practical tools and templates for each step in the process.  Working along side of the team throughout, we'll provide coaching and guidance to achieve the desired outcome.







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Icon of two location pins connected by dots.Value Stream Mapping



Often when a process, whether it be administrative or a manufacturing process, is not performing to our expectations or is due for an overhaul, we jump in and start changing things that we "think" will make the desired improvements.  This often results in lower performance, errors or defects, or, we actually don't move the mark to get the change we were looking for.


Customer Primary Values: Now, Perfect, Waste Free, Good Experience.


Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a method that allows you to visualize, analyze, and improve all the steps in a product, service, or administrative process.  It focuses on the delivery of the 4 primary values that any customer, internal or external, expects:


  • Now
  • Perfect
  • Waste Free
  • Good Experience


VSM creates detailed, step-by-step visualization of all the steps in the process in it's current state.   This is a vital step as often we learn that there is a great deal of waste or non-value added steps that have crept into the process over time or that critical steps to delivering the 4 values of the customer have either been forgotten or don't even exist.  There are usually a very large number of key team learnings at this step, as the full team becomes aware of and sees the entire process in it's current state.


Group of Leaders discussing plan of action.Leading the team through a future state visioning process creates the making for the ultimate new process.  It is important to visualize this future state without acknowledgment of any barriers or "we can't do that" type of thinking.  Once the future state is determined, the team is lead through "what if" cases to overcome any potential barriers or identification of alternative means of achieving the same result.


Once the future state map is determined, an action plan is developed to trial/pilot it to measure the results and compare to the expected outcome(s).  If adjustments are necessary, the trial/pilot is adjusted until the desired results are achieved.  At this point, a detailed implementation plan is developed and executed to create the new process.





Icon of three people holding hands.Cultural Transformation


Experience has taught us that over 95% of organizations fail to sustain a high performance culture over the long term (7 to 10 years).  This is particularly true with organizations attempting to implement a Continuous Improvement (CI) or lean culture and the development of Responsible Engaged Employees (REE).  Success depends on strong and committed leaders, an effective management system structure, and a whole person focused culture based on respect and trust.


Integrating HPL's experience, processes, and tools we have a 4 phase approach to supporting organizations that want to transform their organizational culture to one that embraces high performance through REEs and sustain it over the long term.Diagram showing phases: 1) Organizational Assessment 2) Current/future State Gap Analysis 3) Strategic Planning 4) Execution of Stratigic Initiatives





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Icon of 3 boxes connected together Organizational Systems Thinking & Diagnostics


Human System: How we thinkOrganizational Systems Thinking (OST) is the alignment of the systems we use to generate value for our customers (Production System), the system we use to develop our humans (Human System), and the system we use to tell the health of both (Management System).


OST creates alignment and provides a focus on delivering exceptional value to existing customers and on creating new customers.  OST can be applied to any type of organization.


OST is analogous to the human body which represents the organization.  In order for the body to live and thrive, all the internal organs that do all the work, which represents the Production System, must be healthy and functioning properly.  This is how we stay alive!  The brain, or Human System, determines how we think and behave.  This determines and sets our organizations culture and overall capabilities.  The body's central nervous system is our organizations Management System.  This is how we connect everything together setting direction, measuring results, and feeding back to the Production and Human Systems to ensure the needs of the business and customers are being met.Complicated Diagram.


Utilizing an OST Diagnostic tool, HPL will conduct an audit of your organization to assess the health of the key mechanisms required within the OST model to achieve a high performing organization.  Based on the results of the diagnostic, HPL will provide a detailed report of the findings and recommend areas of focus for the most improvement impact.  The organization can then drive initiatives and projects independently, or HPL can support you throughout the process to develop action plans, trials/pilots, implementation of mechanisms, and the development and training of the management system to operate and sustain.










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We develop leaders' skills and habits to achieve

High Performance Cultures.


blue line

Transformational leaders are a critical component to engaging and motivating our humans. Through deliberate practice, we develop the skills of leaders and create alignment between them, the management system and your organization’s culture.