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HPL's Referral Program




If you are a graduate of an HPL leadership development program and refer a colleague that registers for one of our eligible programs, we'll send you a $50 Amazon gift card!


It's easy &'s how it works.


Fill out the Referral Program Intake Form below.


Within 48 hours or less, we'll send your colleague an introduction email explaining that you have referred them to the program.  An overview of the program and how they may register if interested will be included.  We'll also encourage them to reach out to you should they want to confirm your referral or to get your endorsement directly about the program.


As a best practice and courtesy to your colleague, we suggest you advise them before or after completing the referral intake form that you have referred them to us and that we will be contacting them directly.


Upon your colleague's registration in the program and referral qualification*, we'll send you a $50 Amazon gift card via the email you provide in the intake form.


After you submit the intake form, an automated email confirming your submission will be sent to you from  Check your junk mail folder or add the email address to your address book to avoid this and future correspondence from being directed to your junk mail.


Thanks again for helping us grow leaders and our company. 



* Referral Program Terms








Referral Program Intake Form

Leadership development referral program intake submission form.

Please select from the list of eligible leadership development programs to which you are referring your colleague.
Please provide your first and last name.
Please provide the email address to which you would like to receive the gift card upon program registration of your referral candidate.
Please provide the first and last name of the colleague you are referring to our program.
Please provide the email address of your colleague being referred.


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