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Program Overview


 Today’s leaders often progress through the leadership ranks with little formal leadership 
development. They may have been successful in their career so far because of their technical 
expertise. However, that doesn’t necessarily prepare them to lead people. Even for those who
have had development opportunities in the past, a refresher serves to remind them of essential
leadership skills or provides the opportunity to learn new or updated ones based on current 
trends and focus needs. 

Demands on leaders make it challenging for them to commit to leadership development. Leading 
Today has been designed with this in mind. Delivered in short-burst development modules 
separated by a few weeks, leaders gain fundamental leadership skills and tools to enhance their 
leadership without a significant time commitment. The program can be conducted live virtually 
or in person, offering many practical and empowering methods and techniques that are directly 
applicable to the challenges leaders face in their roles today. 






Program Description 


Take charge of the leadership development journey by selecting from 9 short-burst development 
modules catering to your specific needs. Each module provides the core concepts of a particular
topic while equipping leaders with the practical skills and tools necessary to be effective business 
leaders today. This flexibility allows a tailored learning experience to unique needs. 
Each module is a blend of concepts and interactive elements designed to enhance leader 
engagement and learning effectiveness. Leaders will actively engage in case studies, participate 
in breakout exercises, review examples, utilize provided templates and tools, and interact 
through simulations. These interactive components are strategically designed to reinforce core 
concepts, encourage practical application, and facilitate peer learning and discussion, ensuring an 
enriching and dynamic learning experience. Participant Leaders will be able to apply and put the 
concepts into practice immediately following each module, instilling confidence in their ability to 
implement what they learn. Modules may be selected and completed in any order. Eligibility for 
a Certificate of Completion is achieved when a minimum of 6 modules are completed.



Leading Today Modules


Leadership Focus


1. Leading Your Way - Becoming the leader you wish you had!

2. Leading Change - Navigating the change curve for team engagement!

3. Leading Intentionally – High performance leaders have the discipline to lead intentionally

4. Leader as Coach – Unlocking a Team Member’s potential to maximize their performance

5. Leading Development – Unleashing potential within the team

6. Leading Problem Solving – A leader’s guide to effective team problem-solving

7. Leading Performance – A year-round commitment

8. Leading High Performance Teams – Accelerating team performance

9. Leading Conflict Resolution - Addressing conflict with confidence






Leadership Results Realized by Participants

Three people holding hands representing improved leadership confidence.


Improved Confidence to Lead



Three people in discussion representing increased problem solving and initiative.


Increased Participation in Problem Solving and Improvement Initiatives



Watering can representing growth in members.


Growth and Empowerment of Team Members




Prize ribbon representing department leadership performance improvement.


Improvement of Department Performance Measures




Target representing improvement of leadership initiatives.


Improved Sustainment of Improvement Initiatives










This program is delivered in person at your organization. Just pick what modules fit your leadership needs the best!








Who Should Attend?



  • Team leadersGroup of leaders working together in front line leadership program.
  • Front line supervisors
  • First time managers
  • Project leads
  • Continuous improvement facilitators
  • High potential leaders with or without direct reports








Dates and Fees




This program runs upon request. Please contact us to learn more.










LoLocation pin.cation:


At Your Facility 


Three people representing participant profile. Participant Profile:


Front line team leads, supervisors and first-time managers

Project and Continuous improvement leads

High potential leaders, with or without direct reports


Price tag representing fee.Package Options:


  • Package A: Select any 8 modules
  • Package B: Select any 6 modules
  • Package C: Select any 4 modules


Optional Coaching:
Group coaching – 4 x 1-hour duration, conducted virtually
1:1 coaching – 4 x 1-hour duration, conducted virtually










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