High Peformance Leadership Teams

The 5 Necessities of a High Performance Leadership Team


Program Overview


High performance teams don't just happen! They are crafted by a deliberate and progressive build based on 5 necessities.


During this 1 day (or 2 day optional) leadership workshop our coaches explain each of the 5 Necessities of a High Performance Leadership Team, their characteristics and failure modes. Engaging with your leadership team we collectively develop sustainable actions and habits to drive improvements in identified areas of opportunity. The outcome is higher levels of team performance and results; helping your leadership team become a higher performing leadership team.


This leadership workshop is based on specific information collected from your team prior to the workshop through surveys and interviews and tailored to your needs.  High Performance Leadership Teams can be a great addition to your planned leadership off-site or team meeting agenda, or as a stand alone session!





Skill Development Focus


The High Performance Leadership Teams workshop was developed from the 5 Necessities of High Performance Leadership Teams, their characteristics, and failure modes.  Although this workshop is designed for senior level leadership teams, it is equally effective for all levels of leadership teams.



5 Necessities of a High Performance Leadership Team







High Performance Road Map


3 stages of assesment, skill and team development, and evaluation


The High Peformance Leadership Teams program is a team specific focused program that has been designed to provide an opportunity for leaders with a variety of experience levels to understand the characteristics of a high performing team, learn key concepts and techniques, and immediately apply what they have learned with their teams through sustainable and habit forming methods.




Being a team building style of program and the need for high participant engagement, in-person attendance and delivery of the program is recommended.  Howerver, virtual delivery is also effective using Zoom and Mural, if a virtual delivery method is preferred.





Expected outcomes:


  • Action  plan to drive team performance improvement
  • Stronger more cohesive team
  • Leadership development in the 5 Necessities of a High Performance Leadership Team model
  • Higher level of team performance
  • Team commitment to action plan and each other
  • Higher level of organizational results










                                                                                            Scott Smith                                                 Glenn Sommerville








We develop leaders' skills and habits to achieve

High Performance Cultures.


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Transformational leaders are a critical component to engaging and motivating our humans. Through deliberate practice, we develop the skills of leaders and create alignment between them, the management system and your organization’s culture.