We develop leaders' skills and habits to achieve

High Performance Cultures.

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Transformational leaders are a critical component to engaging and motivating our humans. Through deliberate practice, we develop the skills of leaders and create alignment between them, the management system and your organization’s culture.

Creating Alignment

Experience has taught us that over 95% of organizations fail to sustain a high performance culture over the long term (7 to 10 years). Success depends on strong and committed leaders, an effective management system structure, and a whole person focused culture based on respect and trust. It depends on all three elements working together. We teach leaders the skills to develop themselves, to build effective management systems and to build the organization's culture.

HPL continually develops leaders, management system and culture models through its collaboration with HPS Consortiums. The HPSC develops best practice models through the implementation of the thinking by its consortium member partners. Over 25 years of experimentation, benchmarking and best practice development have resulted in organizations and models that are some of the best in the world.

The High Performance Model

The High Performance Model - Venn Diagram

How We Think – Deliberate Practice

High Performance Leader Development Graphic

Becoming an effective leader requires a high level of focused practice. Leaders are pushed out of their comfort zone by having well defined skill development goals. Leaders are provided constant and specific feedback on where they need to improve their practice from both HPL's expert leaders and their peers in the best practice community. Practice and leader techniques are based on proven techniques developed by HPL and HPSC; we know where leaders need to go and how they can get there.

As the leader improves, so does their confidence and internal motivation. The consistent feedback and the implementation of systems to support actions result in the formation of leadership habits. Once habits are formed results are achieved and sustained.

HPL continues to work with the leader to raise the bar on performance, to develop more challenging goals and repeat the cycle. As the leader grows, the develop cycle becomes engrained in the leader thinking and the leader becomes self-sufficient.

Value Added Services

  1. Leader skill development – Our flag ship program – the Effective Leader - uses the principles of deliberate practice and our proven successful leader development approach. Skill development is offered through a public peer community program or through customized in house delivery.
  2. One on one coaching and mentoring – Engage with an expert leader for specific development requirements including support to overcome challenging situations.
  3. Best practice peer communities – Using the Leverage Learning Consortium model, leaders accelerate their improvement journey through sharing best practices and benchmarking with other developing leaders.

Leader Skill Focus

  • Change management
  • Organizational culture
  • Visioning & future state
  • High performing cultures
  • Effective leader skills
  • Organizational Systems Thinking
  • Team engagement & empowerment
  • Lean or continuous improvement toolset
  • Sustaining mechanisms


  • Improve by deliberate practice
  • Status quo/satisfactory is NOT ok
  • "Do. Or do not. There is no try."