4-Steps to TIME SHIFTING - Fall 2024


4-Steps to TIME Shifting - Fall 2024


At High Performance Leaders, our mission is to develop leader skills and habits to achieve high performance cultures.  An important part of this is to help leaders develop themselves to excel in their careers and find a better balance between work and personal life.


The program is based on 4 essential steps with the following themes:

  1. Getting Your $&!+ Together – Planning and Organizing,
  2. The Enforcer – Protector Your Core,
  3. Driving Your Bus – Staying in Control
  4. Breaking Free – Sustaining


This program is delivered in seven one-hour concept and application workshops to prevent participant leaders from becoming even more overwhelmed due to the program and to progressively build the necessary personal systems, processes, and habits.  Each workshop will provide the core concepts supporting each of the four steps, followed by an overview of the “How to” step-by-steps necessary to apply and put the concepts to practice.  Participant leaders are responsible for following the “How to” steps between each workshop to build and implement their personalized system first to get control and then to sustain it.  Between each of the four steps, participant leaders can attend an open group coaching session of 30 minutes to ask facilitators clarification questions, discuss barriers and challenges experienced during implementation, and provide motivation or assistance throughout the progressive build process.  Upon successful completion of the workshop, leaders will have an effective organizational system with the necessary processes to sustain long-term that will provide an enhanced focus on priorities, improved control, and effective time management and personal organization.






  • Techniques for effective personal planning
  • Methods to stay organized and in control
  • How to focus on your priorities
  • How to escape death by email
  • Finding better balance
  • Reducing vacation stress


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4-Steps to TIME SHIFTING - Fall 2024
$399.00 (Standard) plus applicable taxes
Friday September 13, 2024 12:00 PM to Friday January 31, 2025 1:00 PM
Leadership Development, Lunch & Lead Workshop

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