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Unlock Leadership Excellence: The Time Shifting Approach to Effective Time Management and Personal Organization


In today's fast-paced and demanding work environments, effective time management and personal organization are of most importance for leaders looking to excel in their careers and achieve a harmonious work-life balance. Time Shifting is not just a program; it's a transformative approach to leadership and personal organization that recognizes the challenges faced by leaders at various levels in their organizations.


Why Time Shifting Matters for Leaders

  • Enhanced Productivity: Time Shifting equips leaders with practical tools and strategies to optimize their productivity. It goes beyond traditional time management techniques, focusing on a holistic approach to personal organization. Leaders learn to identify and eliminate time-wasting activities, allowing them to accomplish more in less time.

  • Proactive Leadership: One of the key benefits of Time Shifting is the shift from a reactive mode to a proactive leadership approach. Leaders often find themselves constantly putting out fires and reacting to urgent issues, leaving little time for strategic thinking and planning. Time Shifting empowers leaders to take control of their schedules, allocate time to priority tasks, and become architects of their own success.

  • Work-Life Balance: Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a fundamental aspect of personal well-being and sustained career growth. Leaders often struggle with the demands of their roles, leading to burnout and stress. Time Shifting teaches leaders how to create boundaries, reduce unnecessary stressors, and carve out quality time for their personal lives. It's about finding an equilibrium between professional and personal commitments.

  • Improved Focus: Constant interruptions, especially from email and daily tasks, can derail a leader's concentration. Time Shifting provides strategies for regaining and maintaining focus on critical priorities. Leaders learn to protect their attention, manage their energy effectively, and reduce interruptions without becoming unavailable to their teams.

  • Control Over Email: The incessant influx of emails can overwhelm even the most seasoned leaders. Time Shifting teaches leaders how to declutter their inboxes, use technology to their advantage, and implement a structured approach to email management. This leads to reduced stress, enhanced responsiveness, and better follow-up on important communications.

  • Building Habits for Success: Perhaps most importantly, Time Shifting recognizes that lasting change requires the development of sustainable habits. Leaders will not only acquire valuable skills but also learn how to integrate them into their daily routines. The program includes a 28-day habit-forming tool to ensure that new behaviours become ingrained over time.


Time Shifting isn't just about managing time; it's about transforming the way leaders approach their roles. It empowers leaders to become architects of their own success, providing them with the tools and mindset to lead with intention, purpose, and balance. Whether you're a middle manager like Susan or a seasoned executive, the principles of Time Shifting can elevate your leadership journey to new heights.





Challenges Faced by Leaders


Leaders in various professional roles often encounter a host of common challenges that can be both mentally and physically taxing. These challenges include the feeling of being overwhelmed by multiple responsibilities, a perpetual state of reactivity due to urgent issues, difficulties in effective time management, email overload, and the persistent struggle to strike a healthy work-life balance.


These hurdles can hinder leaders from maintaining a strategic focus, prioritizing critical tasks, and effectively managing the constant influx of information and communication. Over time, these challenges can lead to elevated stress levels and burnout. However, programs like Time Shifting provide a structured approach to help leaders regain control over their time and priorities, offering practical tools and strategies to transform these challenges into opportunities for personal and professional growth.





Looking to take your career to the next level? Our 2024 Development Program Schedule is your roadmap to success. Whether you're considering the 4-Steps to TIME Shifting or exploring other opportunities, having the schedule at your fingertips will help you plan ahead and make informed decisions about your leadership journey.


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Benefits of Time Shifting


The Time Shifting program offers an invaluable opportunity for leaders in various roles to overcome common challenges and transform their professional lives. These challenges often include the struggle to maintain a proactive leadership approach, feeling overwhelmed by daily tasks and constant reactivity, and grappling with time management issues and email overload. However, Time Shifting serves as a powerful solution, equipping leaders with the skills and strategies needed to regain control over their time and priorities.


By implementing effective time management techniques and organizational systems, leaders can foster a culture of proactive leadership, dedicating quality time to personal priorities, enhancing focus, and reducing distractions.


This program also provides the tools to gain mastery over email and tasks, thereby reducing stress and promoting a healthier work-life balance. In essence, Time Shifting empowers leaders to lead with intention, improve their overall well-being, and unlock their full potential in both their professional and personal lives.





The Ideal Candidate


The Time Shifting program is designed to benefit a wide range of current and aspiring leaders across various sectors who seek to improve their personal discipline, time management, and work-life balance.


It is suitable for leaders at different levels and industries and offers a structured, practical approach to leadership development.


Participants will acquire skills to become proactive leaders, prioritize effectively, and lead with intentionality. The program's principles are universally applicable, making it accessible to individuals from diverse professional backgrounds.











Program Structure


  • Short Burst Practical Skill Workshops: The Time Shifting program adopts a unique and highly effective approach to learning through short burst practical skill workshops. These workshops are designed to be concise and impactful, allowing participants to grasp essential concepts without overwhelming time commitments. In these sessions, leaders learn step-by-step processes and techniques that can be immediately applied to their daily routines. This format ensures that leaders can quickly begin implementing what they've learned, making it practical and actionable.

  • Hands-On Coaching from Experienced Leaders: A distinguishing feature of the Time Shifting program is the hands-on coaching provided by experienced leaders. Participants receive guidance, mentorship, and coaching directly from individuals who have navigated the challenges of leadership themselves. This mentorship is invaluable as it offers real-world insights and personalized support. Leaders can seek advice, share their experiences, and receive feedback tailored to their unique circumstances. This coaching element enhances the program's effectiveness by addressing participants' specific needs and challenges.

  • Step-by-Step Processes for Building Time Shifting Habits: Building effective Time Shifting habits is a core focus of the program. Participants are guided through a structured process that breaks down habit formation into manageable steps. Leaders learn how to establish personalized systems and routines that promote efficient time management, organization, and prioritization. These step-by-step processes are essential for creating lasting behavioural change, ensuring that leaders can sustain their newfound habits over the long term.

  • Group Coaching Sessions for Support and Motivation: In addition to one-on-one coaching, the Time Shifting program offers group coaching sessions. These sessions provide a supportive community of peers who are also on their time-shifting journey. Participants can engage in open discussions, share their progress, and offer insights to one another. Group coaching fosters a sense of camaraderie and motivation, as leaders can discuss barriers, challenges, and successes with others who understand their experiences. These sessions serve as a valuable source of encouragement and accountability.


The Time Shifting program is structured to offer leaders a well-rounded and practical learning experience. Through short burst workshops, hands-on coaching, systematic habit-building processes, and group coaching sessions, participants receive a comprehensive toolkit for regaining control over their time and priorities. This multifaceted approach ensures that leaders not only acquire valuable skills but also receive the support and motivation needed to implement lasting change in their leadership practices and overall lives.


Key Takeaways from the Program: The Time Shifting program offers leaders a transformative journey to regain control over their time and enhance their work-life balance. Participants will experience a shift towards proactive leadership, allowing them to spend more quality time on personal priorities rather than reacting to constant interruptions. With improved focus and reduced distractions, leaders will gain control over their emails and tasks, leading to enhanced organization and reduced stress. Ultimately, the program empowers leaders to achieve a better work-life balance while maintaining a clear direction for themselves and their teams, resulting in calmer, more high-performance leadership.





Looking to take your career to the next level? Our 2024 Development Program Schedule is your roadmap to success. Whether you're considering the 4-Steps to TIME Shifting or exploring other opportunities, having the schedule at your fingertips will help you plan ahead and make informed decisions about your leadership journey.


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Featured Success Stories



"Very relevant with templates, great organization and presentation of the content, superbly knowledgeable presenter..."


Nino Orucevic

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"The skills taught in the classes are something that is helpful for everyday life and not just for the career."


Ashlee Hilton




"Overall really enjoyed the program and the tools it's given me to take MY time back!"


Kris Taggart

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"It provides you with all the tools and information for time shifting and making time for yourself.  For me the most important aspect of the program is the guidance and coaching you receive in addition to the tools!"


Zisis Diamantis






"TIME Shifting is helping me increase my productivity.  I really like the tips and suggestions to organize both my work and home tasks, to allow me to get more done, with less procrastination!"


Darren Poquette

Northern Digital Incl.





Workshop Curriculum


The program is based around 4 essential steps with the following themes and focus:


  1. Getting Your $&!+ Together – Planning and Organizing,

  2. The Enforcer – Protecting Your Core,

  3. Driving Your Bus – Staying in Control

  4. Breaking Free – Sustaining


Workshop 1

  • One List to Rule Them All – Leaders will organize and consolidate their various personal and business to-do lists (tasks) and establish a structured method and process to prioritize and manage all of their tasks.

  • Q2 – Utilizing Franklin Covey’s Time Matrix leaders will gain understanding of the 4-quadrants within the model, compare how much time they spend in each quadrant via their Personal Assessment Tool*, and discover methods to shift their time from non-productive quadrants to 'Q2', or where they will achieve the greatest performance results.

    Primary Outcomes:  Task management and planning system established, prioritization methodology, calendar structure.


Workshop 2

  • Weekly Planning Routine – Critical requirements necessary to have a robust and effective planning routine will be covered that leaders will use to develop and implement their own routine.  Aspects include reflection, weekly & daily prioritization, calendar set-up, organization, and meeting strategy.

     Primary Outcomes:  Weekly/Daily planning routine


Workshop 3

  • Conflicting/Changing Priorities – 69% of surveyed leaders struggle with conflicting or changing priorities.  The 8-steps to managing priorities will give leaders the tools to better manage priorities with confidence. 
  • Rhythms – Leaders will discover their personal and the business rhythms which they will utilize to create a framework to organize and align their key responsibilities and integrate with their schedules.

    Primary Outcomes:  Personal & business rhythm determination, rhythm and schedule integration.


Workshop 4

  • Overcoming Procrastination – A common barrier for many leaders is procrastination.  13 tips to overcoming procrastination will be reviewed to help leaders be more prepared to fight through any procrastination tendencies. 
  • Interruptions to Attention - Leaders will learn how to protect their attention through 3 main categories of managing Priorities; methods to which they can better Take Control of their day by managing their energy, reducing interruptions while remaining “available” to their teams; and maintaining Focus.

     Primary Outcomes: 'Core' Protection protocols established.


Workshop 5

  • ‘No’ is OK – Leaders will learn an important skill of being comfortable with saying no when necessary but doing so in a constructive way that protects relationships and their reputation.

  • Use Not Abused – Staying on top of emails can be overwhelming and often results in leaders spending a great deal of personal time “catching up” on them.  Leaders will gain techniques to ‘declutter’ their inbox by leveraging technology versus being a slave to it.  They will learn the power of the ‘Essential 5” email folders and how to use them to get and stay in control of their email while reducing stress, being more responsive, and improving their follow-up.

  • Defence is the Best Offence – To be better organized and productive, or to go on the performance offence, leaders need a solid defence strategy.  Schedule protection, when to ‘outsource’ tasks will be discussed with primary tools provided for effective delegation.

     Primary Outcomes: ‘Essential 5’ established, inbox 5S, delegation with TOADS.


Workshop 6

  • Prioritized Leader Actions (PLA) – A very powerful, but unfortunately often misunderstood, leader tool commonly referred to as Leader Standardized Work (LSW) will be debunked and in the process will provide leaders a method to identify and execute their most critical (Prioritized) responsibilities (Actions) and those that are most important to them.  Leaders will be provided with a guideline to which they can follow to start at a manageable level while over time progressively building up their PLA.  As PLA progressively is built and application increases, sustained PLA will reduce ‘fire fighting’ and shift the leader and their teams to a culture of proactive problem solving.

     Primary Outcomes:  PLA establishment and a PLA progressive build plan.


*** Bonus - Workshop 7 (on-line self paced) - provided for early registrants!

  • Balance – Definitions of work-life balance will be discussed to assist leaders in better understanding of what to expect while providing them with 10 key points to achieving a better balance.

  • Vacations – Beneficial tips and methods to use prior to, during and after vacation will be provided that reduce stress, provide development opportunities, and make return to work after vacation less overwhelming.

  • Habits – A 28 day habit forming tool will be provided and leaders will be asked to take on a key learning related to the overall program to assist them in developing the necessary habits to sustain their Time Shifting systems, processes, and actions.

     Primary Outcomes:  28 day habit challenge on a key component from the overall program.


*Leaders will be requested to complete a Personal Assessment Tool prior to the first Workshop to establish a personal baseline and to help with self-awareness of their current state and where they need to focus most throughout the workshops for greatest benefit.









Unique Aspects of the Program


  • Practical, Hands-On Approach: What truly distinguishes the Time Shifting program is its commitment to delivering practical, hands-on solutions to leaders. Many leadership development programs offer theoretical knowledge, but this program stands out by focusing on immediate, real-world applications. Participants don't just learn concepts; they roll up their sleeves and engage in short-burst practical skill workshops. These workshops provide step-by-step guidance and allow participants to implement proven processes as they learn. The program's emphasis on practicality ensures that leaders can start seeing positive changes in their time management and work-life balance from day one.

  • Habit Formation: One of the most exceptional aspects of the Time Shifting program is its dedication to habit formation. It recognizes that lasting change in time management and work-life balance requires more than just acquiring new skills; it requires the development of sustainable habits. The program is thoughtfully designed to guide participants through the process of forming new habits over a manageable period. With a bonus 7th workshop focused on habit development, leaders are equipped with the tools and techniques needed to make these habits stick. This unique emphasis on habit formation ensures that leaders not only learn new skills but also integrate them into their daily lives, leading to lasting transformation.

  • Progressive Build Process: Another distinctive feature of the program is its progressive build process. Recognizing that many leaders may already feel overwhelmed, the program breaks down the journey into manageable steps. Over six one-hour concept and application workshops, participants progressively build the necessary personal systems, processes, and habits. Between each step, open group coaching sessions of 30 minutes provide the opportunity to discuss barriers, ask questions, and receive motivation. This gradual approach ensures that leaders can adopt new practices at their own pace, making the program accessible and effective for individuals at various stages of their leadership journey.



Looking to take your career to the next level? Our 2024 Development Program Schedule is your roadmap to success. Whether you're considering the 4-Steps to TIME Shifting or exploring other opportunities, having the schedule at your fingertips will help you plan ahead and make informed decisions about your leadership journey.


Download our 2024 Development Program Schedule!



Art detail explain that in order to have new thinking we need new behaviours.


What makes this program different than the 100s out there?


Often, we believe that once we get new information, that information will change our thinking which will lead us to new behaviours. Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. Do people stop smoking when given health statistics information? Not very often!


TIME Shifting guides you through the progressive establishment of proven systems and routines that will create new and improved behaviours, which in the end, will cause you to think very differently about what you do and how you do it!







Self-Paced Online Option


Ready to take control of your time and achieve a better work-life balance at your own pace? Explore our self-paced online Time Shifting program option now! Whether you're a current or future leader from any sector, this program provides the tools and techniques you need to overcome common leadership challenges. Join the ranks of proactive leaders who prioritize effectively and lead with intentionality. Don't miss out on this opportunity for personal growth and transformation. Enroll today!







Time Shifting Alignment with Transformational Leadership



Transformational leaders inspire and empower their teams, possess visionary thinking, and exhibit emotional intelligence. Time Shifting equips leaders with practical skills and a mindset that fosters these attributes:


  • Visionary Thinking: By helping leaders regain control of their time, Time Shifting enables them to align actions with their vision for themselves and their teams.

  • Empowerment: Leaders, through effective time management, empower their teams to do the same, fostering a culture of autonomy and accountability.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Reduced stress and improved work-life balance allow leaders to better support their team members' emotional well-being.

  • Continuous Learning: The program encourages leaders to adapt and refine their time management strategies continually.

  • Adaptability: Time Shifting equips leaders to handle changing priorities and demands effectively.


In essence, Time Shifting is not just about managing time; it's a transformative journey that enables leaders to lead with intentionality, inspiring positive change within their organizations. Enroll in Time Shifting today!






I feel like this is the first day in a long time where I feel truly prepared for what I need to get accomplished and feel I have set myself up for success on the expectations (as opposed to just continuously piling on tasks that roll over day to day).

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