4 steps to TIME Shifting, Making time for the things that really matter.


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Workshop Overview


Lunch and Lead format!  Grab your lunch, eat, and develop your leadership skills in short burst practical skill workshops.  Immediately put to practice proven processes step-by-step, with hands-on coaching along the way from an experienced leader, to build your processes and create Time Shifting habits making time for the things that really matter! 


Unfortunately, far too many leaders these days feel over-whelmed and out of control!  It doesn't have to be that way!


At High Performance Leaders our mission is to develop leader skills and habits to achieve high performance cultures.  An important part of this is to help leaders develop themselves in order to excel in their careers and find a better balance between work and personal life.


Do you feel you spend more of your valuable time fighting fires rather than preventing them?  Do daily interruptions take you off your priorities and pull you into reactive mode far too often?  Does your inbox run your life?


Many leaders are looking for a “silver bullet” that will give them the secret to being suddenly organized and on top of their game.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way!  Rather, it takes many small individual techniques and a robust personal organization processes.  Although some leaders implement some of these techniques, most fail to fully and properly establish the key aspects necessary to actually make a difference and/or sustain long term.  That is why this program has been designed in short burst concept learning workshops, supported by step-by-step instruction on how to progressively build the necessary systems, processes, and assist in habit formation over a manageable period of time.  Getting and staying organized and in control is a daunting task, particularly when you are already feeling overwhelmed!









Workshop Overview

Since most leaders interested in this type of program are already feeling somewhat overwhelmed, the program has been designed to progressively build the necessary personal systems, processes, and habits, over six one-hour concept and application workshops.  In addition, there is a bonus 7th workshop which is on-line and self paced.  Each workshop will provide the core concepts followed by detailed “How to” step-by-steps necessary to apply and put the concepts immediately to practice.  Participant leaders are responsible to follow the “How to” steps between each workshop in order to build and implement their personalized system to first get control and then to sustain it.  Between each of the four steps, participant leaders can attend an open group coaching session of 30 minutes duration where they can ask clarification questions, discuss barriers and challenges experienced during implementation, and to receive motivation or assistance throughout the progressive build process.  Upon successful completion of the workshop, leaders will have an effective organizational system with the necessary processes to sustain long term that will provide enhanced focus on priorities, improved control, and effective time management and personal organization.


Glenn wilGlenn Sommervillel facilitate this LIVE online workshop, explaining the many aspects of his personal planning routine and techniques that he has learned and perfected over his career as an executive leader.  He will also provide time to ask your questions LIVE during the workshops and group coaching sessions.  As part of registration, you will receive a soft copy of his planning tool and leader standardized work templates, as well as a habit forming tool, to get you started right away.


What You'll Learn:





Techniques for effective personal planning





Methods to stay organized & in control




How to focus on YOUR priorities




  How to escape death by email




Tips for finding better balance




Methods of reducing vacation stress









Participant Leader Transformation & Benefits



  • Spend more time preventing fires rather than fighting them
  • Proactive, not reactive
  • Quality time for your priorities, rather than everyone else's
  • Focused not distracted or easily interrupted
  • Controlled inbox, not your inbox controlling you
  • Organized and on top of your game
  • A feeling of being in control of yourself
  • Time to think and follow-up
  • Clearer direction for you and your team
  • Better alignment between stakeholders
  • Calmer, less stress
  • Improved life balance

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Workshop Curriculum


The program is based around 4 essential steps with the following themes and focus:


  1. Getting Your $&!+ Together – Planning and Organizing,
  2. The Enforcer – Protecting Your Core,
  3. Driving Your Bus – Staying in Control
  4. Breaking Free – Sustaining


Workshop 1

  • One List to Rule Them All – Leaders will organize and consolidate their various personal and business to-do lists (tasks) and establish a structured method and process to prioritize and manage all of their tasks.

  • Q2 – Utilizing Franklin Covey’s Time Matrix leaders will gain understanding of the 4-quadrants within the model, compare how much time they spend in each quadrant via their Personal Assessment Tool*, and discover methods to shift their time from non-productive quadrants to 'Q2', or where they will achieve the greatest performance results.

    Primary Outcomes:  Task management and planning system established, prioritization methodology, calendar structure.


Workshop 2

  • Weekly Planning Routine – Critical requirements necessary to have a robust and effective planning routine will be covered that leaders will use to develop and implement their own routine.  Aspects include reflection, weekly & daily prioritization, calendar set-up, organization, and meeting strategy.

     Primary Outcomes:  Weekly/Daily planning routine


Workshop 3

  • Conflicting/Changing Priorities – 69% of surveyed leaders struggle with conflicting or changing priorities.  The 8-steps to managing priorities will give leaders the tools to better manage priorities with confidence. 
  • Rhythms – Leaders will discover their personal and the business rhythms which they will utilize to create a framework to organize and align their key responsibilities and integrate with their schedules.

    Primary Outcomes:  Personal & business rhythm determination, rhythm and schedule integration.


Workshop 4

  • Overcoming Procrastination – A common barrier for many leaders is procrastination.  13 tips to overcoming procrastination will be reviewed to help leaders be more prepared to fight through any procrastination tendencies. 
  • Interruptions to Attention - Leaders will learn how to protect their attention through 3 main categories of managing Priorities; methods to which they can better Take Control of their day by managing their energy, reducing interruptions while remaining “available” to their teams; and maintaining Focus.

     Primary Outcomes: 'Core' Protection protocols established.


Workshop 5

  • ‘No’ is OK – Leaders will learn an important skill of being comfortable with saying no when necessary but doing so in a constructive way that protects relationships and their reputation.

  • Use Not Abused – Staying on top of emails can be overwhelming and often results in leaders spending a great deal of personal time “catching up” on them.  Leaders will gain techniques to ‘declutter’ their inbox by leveraging technology versus being a slave to it.  They will learn the power of the ‘Essential 5” email folders and how to use them to get and stay in control of their email while reducing stress, being more responsive, and improving their follow-up.

  • Defence is the Best Offence – To be better organized and productive, or to go on the performance offence, leaders need a solid defence strategy.  Schedule protection, when to ‘outsource’ tasks will be discussed with primary tools provided for effective delegation.

     Primary Outcomes: ‘Essential 5’ established, inbox 5S, delegation with TOADS.


Workshop 6

  • Prioritized Leader Actions (PLA) – A very powerful, but unfortunately often misunderstood, leader tool commonly referred to as Leader Standardized Work (LSW) will be debunked and in the process will provide leaders a method to identify and execute their most critical (Prioritized) responsibilities (Actions) and those that are most important to them.  Leaders will be provided with a guideline to which they can follow to start at a manageable level while over time progressively building up their PLA.  As PLA progressively is built and application increases, sustained PLA will reduce ‘fire fighting’ and shift the leader and their teams to a culture of proactive problem solving.

     Primary Outcomes:  PLA establishment and a PLA progressive build plan.


*** Bonus - Workshop 7 (on-line self paced) - provided for early registrants!

  • Balance – Definitions of work-life balance will be discussed to assist leaders in better understanding of what to expect while providing them with 10 key points to achieving a better balance.

  • Vacations – Beneficial tips and methods to use prior to, during and after vacation will be provided that reduce stress, provide development opportunities, and make return to work after vacation less overwhelming.

  • Habits – A 28 day habit forming tool will be provided and leaders will be asked to take on a key learning related to the overall program to assist them in developing the necessary habits to sustain their Time Shifting systems, processes, and actions.

     Primary Outcomes:  28 day habit challenge on a key component from the overall program.


* Leaders will be requested to complete a Personal Assessment Tool prior to the first Workshop to establish a personal baseline and to help with self-awareness of their current state and where they need to focus most throughout the workshops for greatest benefit.







What People Are Saying About


TIME Shifting


4.8 stars out of 5




"Very relevant with templates, great organization and presentation of the content, superbly knowledgeable presenter..."

- Nino Orucevic - 5 Stars


"The workshop was exactly what I have been looking for quite some time."

- Joe Grgich - 5 Stars

"Fantastic!!!! Inspiring!!!! Exactly what I needed.  Thank you - thank you - thank you!!!!

- Amy Lassaline - 5 Stars


"Overall really enjoyed the program and the tools it's given me to take MY time back!"

- Kris Taggart - 5 Stars




Image of a cloud formation that looks like a Phoenix rising about the mountains with an endorsement from Kamna Mirchandani that says"It's been an uplifting week!  I am the Phoenix rising from the ashes!



Art detail explain that in order to have new thinking we need new behaviours.



What makes this program different than the 100s out there?


Often, we believe that once we get new information, that information will change our thinking which will lead us to new behaviours. Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. Do people stop smoking when given health statistics information? Not very often!


TIME Shifting guides you through the progressive establishment of proven systems and routines that will create new and improved behaviours, which in the end, will cause you to think very differently about what you do and how you do it!




Workshop at a Glance




Outline of course: 1. Getting your @#! together 2. Time Enforcer 3. Driving your bus 4. Breaking free



Dates and Fees


Spring 2023 Cohort - Registration Now Closed


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This workshop is also available for in-house delivery upon request.   Minimum of 10 attendees required.  Contact an HPL representative for more information.




Self-Paced On-line Program Coming Soon....stay tuned!


Fall 2023 Cohort schedule to be posted in summer 2023!





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Participant Profile:

Current and future leaders interested in developing the personal

         discipline through the development of systems, processes, and

         routines to get and stay organized to lead intentionally.  Leaders we

         develop are from manufacturing, healthcare, service, distribution,

         government and not-for-profit sectors. 




$399.00 /person









We develop leaders' skills and habits to achieve

High Performance Cultures.


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Transformational leaders are a critical component to engaging and motivating our humans. Through deliberate practice, we develop the skills of leaders and create alignment between them, the management system and your organization’s culture.