I would like to congratulate our Front Line Leader Spring 2021 graduates.   We now have 20 more high performance leaders in the FLL alumni adding to 2000+ that are already alumni.   This group rose to the virtual challenge and has demonstrated that good leaders can develop in any environment.


With their graduation, I will pass on some wisdom by Peter Drucker on Leadership.  


The most important leadership decision you will make will be the decision to become a leader.   Acceptance of the responsibility to become a leader is important.   It means you must live with the fear of something going wrong.  You may be blamed for actions that may not be fully under your control.   It means living with the anxiety that followers may not follow you and that you may make the wrong decisions.    You may have to live with the embarrassment and penalties of failure.   


Many people who have the capability of becoming great leaders never accept this challenge.   They live with the fear that limits the success they may achieve and the contribution that might make by helping others.   The decision is yours to make.   


Please let me know your thoughts.


Thank you



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