Today is the simplest tip ever – walk.


We are all facing anxiety right now – we are being overwhelmed with emails and information.  We are practicing new public health protocols. We are concerned about what our future looks like.  We can choose to sit and absorb it or we can do something very simple – go for a walk.  


We all know that walking burns calories and gets your heart rate up (which can’t hurt with our new Skip the Dishes habit). Walking has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, especially if you walk in a natural or wooded area.  No special equipment or membership is needed.  You can walk anytime, anywhere - for a long period of time or just a few minutes for a break.


What you may not know is that walking also improves creativity.  A Stanford study shows that walking increases the supply of blood to the brain and that walkers perform better on creative thinking tests.  To illustrate this further some avid walkers included Aristotle, Charles Dickens, Ludwig von Beethoven, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. So while there are definitely physical health benefits from walking the mental health benefits are equally as important. 


Walking is a means for you to clear you mind, take a break, refocus, solve problems and come up with new ideas.  It is the easiest solution to help reduce the anxiety we are feeling both personally and professionally.


Start your new habit now while the fall weather is here.  You will feel the positive effects immediately.


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July 11, 2024
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June 6, 2024
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