In almost every industry and company today, leaders are struggling to get and keep team members.  Although the reasons are many and some are complex, one thing to consider that will help is the proper coaching of your up-and-coming leaders and team members.


Now, more than ever, our teams need and are expecting a different leadership style than in the past.  They don’t want a ‘boss.’  They want someone they TRUST to nurture them and help them grow and progress quickly through their career path.  80% of team members that have received coaching say that it has helped them improve work performance, relationships, and communication skills.  


Benefits of coaching for organizations include:

  • Increased engagement
  • Improved retention
  • Unlocked potential
  • Identification and development of high-potential TMs
  • A positive company culture

Due to COVID-19 mandates and restrictions, many people have experienced a loss of control of important aspects of their lives.  Real or perceived, conscious or sub-conscious, many people are pushing back on traditional “authority” and organizational “hierarchy.”  The conventional authoritarian leadership styles are no longer acceptable; even if they were, they reduce organizational performance and growth.  Although the demand for coaching is not new nor directly related to COVID, the COVID situation has undoubtedly increased the urgency to adopt a coaching leadership style.


The more significant driver behind the need for a leader coach may also be the rapid and dynamic change in the makeup of our workplaces, workforce, and cultures.  The largest demographic that held the majority of leadership and worker-level positions have primarily exited the workforce or are in the process of doing so.  These were, and are, the most experienced individuals in today’s workforce. 


This exit of experience means that the current and very near future leaders will have to develop and gain experience quickly, their career paths will advance faster, and they will need to be in higher leadership positions at a much younger age than their predecessors.  As leaders and organizations, we must help them get prepared.  Coupling this development need with the current workplace dynamics and expectations, a leader coach is necessary.


What are you doing to coach your team to replace and surpass you?


How are you improving your coaching skills?


Leave your responses in the comments below.

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