How to navigate a curve         


When I first learned to drive, I was taught this very helpful technique on how to navigate a curve.


1. Brake in a smooth and controlled manner to reduce speed when approaching the curve. This will allow you to prepare and get a better understanding of the magnitude of the curve and what lies ahead.  
2. As the road comes into view (usually around halfway through the curve) begin to apply pressure to the accelerator to improve your grip on the road as you exit the curve to gain momentum.
3. Never brake, accelerate or steer sharply when moving through a curve as you will lose traction.  


The same techniques apply when we are trying to navigate change in our workplaces


1. Approach change slowly to start. Get an understanding of the magnitude of the change, the effort and the potential impact on both people and process.   Assess how organizational structures, interpersonal interactions and culture are going to react to the change.   

2. When the change and its impacts become more visible and you have a good understanding of how to navigate it, accelerate the rate of change.  Invest more in process and people to gain momentum with the new beginning and to achieve a clean start.

3. If you need to adjust along the way, make sure the adjustment is well thought out, deliberate and not reactive.  


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